zia little runners

Running is fun at all ages...

It is never too early to start training. Zia Little Runners is a program designed for our athletes ages 4-6. 

Little Runners Program

Competing in developmental meets starts at age 5. But running is fun for all ages. For our youngest athletes, we offer programming designed to keep kids learning and having fun. Starting at age 4, our the Zia Little Runner curriculum is designed to grow with your child teaching basic skills, techniques and strategies to become proficient in Track and field. At every age players learn skills like good sportsmanship and integrity. For our Zia Little Runners, we focus on how the fundamentals, how much fun we can make it for the kids, and how easy we can make it for the parents.


 The goal of Zia Little Runners instruction plan is to create well-rounded and confident athletes by focusing on the development of core skills in a fun, engaging way. For this age group, our coaches lead drills that target the improvement of large and fine motor skills, balance, and eye-hand coordination. Zia Little Runners activities are designed to keep kids in constant motion by giving them opportunities to use specific skills in fun exercises and activities. Basic skills are repeated so players learn the fundamental skills of the sport.


By the end of the season, your child should have learned the basic skills of the sport. Since every child develops at a different pace, some athletes may have a better mental understanding of the sport, while others might show enhanced physical abilities. This is completely normal.

Beyond developing young athletes’ understanding of the sport, our Little Runners program is designed to teach the principles of good sportsmanship, build a basic appreciation for being part of a team, and increase self-confidence. These are vital life tools that will help your child on and off the track. In the end, our number one goal is for your child to have fun!

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